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Rawz Roleplay

What were about?
Well Rawz roleplay consist of a realistic life roleplay with Law Enforcement officers, Violent Arms dealers to your average truck driver, Money is earned hard and will buy you vehicles, Homes, Businesses, And weapons, You can be a laid back business man or a crazy AK-47 wielding mad man, But playing risky has a cost we have an in character jail where you can spend your time behind bars for a maximum of 50 real minutes and get a whopping $25'000 fine, You will get paid $1000 every hour for doing nothing, But if you have a legitimate job you get extra on your paycheck for them, The more money you have racked up the bigger your checks are. We currently offer every vehicle in the game for varies of prices. You start out with $10'000 and 5 Lives after you die 5 times you have to lose all your items and make a new character. 

How to join?
Well to join our roleplay you must first message me LRaws or co-Host VOLK HELLSING on Xbox live for the first part of recruitment the voice application, After that we will allow you to sign up to the site to fill out an in game application, The only really major requirements are to come with a good attitude and be mature in and out of roleplay.

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