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Jobs are key in Los Santos, They vary from bus drivers to tattoo artist to LEO's, Money also ranges from jobs, All players will start out with $10'000, Every real hour you will receive $1000 even if you are unemployed, Jobs make that paycheck bigger per hour depending on the job.

Alright for jobs we have legal and illegal jobs, Doing legal jobs will give you some extra Cash for your hourly pay, Illegal jobs tend to bring in bigger cash but you must rely strictly on other players for your income. Payouts range from the type of job you have and some jobs require training and others you can just jump right into, Changing your job mid session of a game will be a charge of $1000

-Law Enforcement Officers

Cadet, Officer I $300 H/R
Officer II   $400 H/R
Corporal Officer III $500 H/R
Sargent I  $600 H/R
Lieutenant $700 H/R 
Captain $800 H/R
Commander $900 H/R
Deputy Chief $1000 H/R
Chief $1000 H/R 

-Legal Jobs

Taxi Driver, $400 H/R Plus Fares
Limo Driver $600 H/R Plus Fares
Bus Driver $500 H/R Plus Fares

Tattoo Artist $600 H/R Plus Tattoo sales
Clothes shop Employee $600 H/R Plus clothes sales
Barber $500 H/R Plus haircut sales
Bank Teller $600 H/R
Truck Driver $700 H/R
Garbage Man $700 H/R
Legal Arms Dealer $500 H/R Plus 20 Percent of arms sales.
Delivery Man $700 H/R
Mechanic $400 H/R Plus money to fix others vehicles.
Lawyer $600 H/R Plus bail from other players
Commercial Pilot $600 H/R Plus plane tickets
EMS $900 H/R
Fire Department $700 H/R
Fisherman $500 H/R Without boat, $800 H/R With boat.
Bounty Hunter $600 H/R

-Illegal Jobs.
Illegal Arms Dealer, (This job consist of selling illegal weapons to other players, You need materials to make certain weapons and being an arms dealer you will get 20 materials an hour you can see on the weapons page how many materials it takes to make a weapon)

Contract Killer ( Cant just go around killing need valid RP reason to kill someone and contact an admin about your plan before you go about with it)

Street racer ( Pink slips allowed) 

Street Fighter
Loan Shark

Gangster ( Earn money from RP)


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