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IC (In-Character) Abuse

Killing/Easy way out
Once the roleplay starts all deaths from other players will count as a death including easy way out.. So if your friend just shoots you screwing around guess what you lost a life

Loss of items death
If you die you will lose all your drugs and weapons that you had on you they will NOT drop for another player to pick up though just be gone forever

Radar off rule
Pretty simple keep your radar off so at all times during the roleplay it is very easy to tell who has radar on and who has it off and you will be banned if you proceed to keep it on.

Crew chat
All players MUST be in crew chat at all times unless you are speaking to a officer or talking to an other player and you must be within talking distance of them.

Personal Weapons rule
You are only allowed to use the weapons you buy from an illegal gun dealer or a legal firearm dealer.. If you use your own guns that you did not buy you will be banned this is huge rule and will not be taken lightly.

Personal Vehicle rule
Pretty much same thing as weapon rule you may NOT use your personal vehicles, Here at Rawzroleplay we have a vehicle system set up where you can buy every single vehicle in the game with your money earned from RPing.

Can i mod my vehicle?
Yes but no performance mods all mods cost money also you can find the prices listed under the vehicle section.

Can i use PayNSprays?
Yes but that will be a cost also roughly around $500 dollars, If caught going in one without paying you will be fined $2000 OOC Cost.

No babysitting as cops:
If you are an LEO do not stalk people or pull people over with a bad reason

Deathmatching is the act of killing someone without a roleplay reason or without any roleplay at all.

Ex.1 John_Smith said he didn't like Eddie_Smith's Bravura, so Eddie took out his gun and shot him to death.
Ex. 2 John_Smith suddenly comes up to Eddie and starts beating him up with no roleplay or reason.

Killing on Sight
KOS is the act of having a reason to harm/kill someone, but having done no roleplay at all prior to attacking the other person. This is not allowed and you should always roleplay an attack.

Ex.1 John_Smith found out that Eddie_Smith killed his sister, he then grabs a gun and does a drive-by on him without any roleplay.

The rule is self-explanatory. You cannot kill someone that has recently killed you because of the 30-minute rule you do not remember who killed you or any of the events that lead up to your death.

Car ramming/parking is the act of ramming or running someone over with a vehicle.

There are two different definitions of powergaming, but both classified as PG. Powergaming is the act of roleplaying the impossible, or forcing a roleplay situation onto another person without giving them a chance. There is also the powergaming rule in place for robberies.

Ex.1 John_Smith roleplays flying like superman, and lifts up a building to save the world!

Ex.2 John_Smith sees Eddie_Smith walking down the street, so without engaging in roleplay with him he takes out his gun and tells him to put his hands up to proceed robbing him.

Metagaming comes in many forms, and to sit there and explain every aspect of it would be tiresome, but the simplest & most basic explanation of the rule is: using out of character information in-character & vice-versa. Giving someone information about an IC event through out of character means influences the person to metagame, which is not allowed.

Ex.1 John_Smith reads Eddie_Smith's nametag and starts using the name in the in-character chat without gaining any prior knowledge of his name IC.
Ex.2 John_Smith learns that someone has been selling guns in Grove Street, so he decides to tell everyone about his whereabouts and his arms dealing business in an out of character chat.

Cop baiting is the act of committing crimes with the intentions to influence the police to chase after you. This will never be allowed and is classed under the category of Non-RP behavior. You wouldn't try to get the cops to chase after you realistically.

Ex.1 John_Smith takes out his MP5 in front of a cop and starts shooting into the air to get the cops to chase him.
Ex.2 Purposely driving recklessly in front of cops
Ex.3 Calling 911 to insult them over and over again to get them to chase you

Non-RP Behavior
There are many forms of acts classified under Non-RP Behavior, so we'd have to try our best and differentiate what is RP and what is Non-RP. Non-RP Behavior is the act of doing something that someone would not attempt to do in real life. This ranges from not properly roleplaying fear to having a gun to your face, or having rather accept death than to get robbed.

Ex.1 John_Smith sees a gunfight between the police and gang members, he then runs into the middle of the gunfight to get a better view of the gunfight.

Scamming over $10,000
Scamming over the limit is a punishable offense and it's a pretty self-explanatory rule we have in place. 

Avoiding IC Consequences
One of the most common forms of avoiding IC consequences is by leaving the game to avoid the situation. This is not allowed.

Ex.1 John_Smith is about to get robbed, he has a lot of items on him and does not want to lose it so he logs off the game to avoid it the situation.

Breaking the 30-minute rule.
The 30-minute rule applies when you're killed. If you are killed you lose all memory of the events that lead up to your death and anything that transpired 30 minutes before your death. You're not allowed to remember what happened, nor allowed to return to the scene of your death for 30 minutes. You are allowed to return to retrieve your vehicle, and that's it. If you're caught roleplaying at all in that area you will be punished.

Ex.1 John_Smith was killed in a gunfight at Grove Street, 10 minutes later he returns and starts roleplaying there again

NOTE: This applies to all of your characters. If one of your characters dies in a certain area, none of your other characters are allowed to go there.

OOC (Out of Character) Abuse
These rules are pretty straight-forward and should be followed at all times. No exceptions are made for those who breach them.

Lying to an admin
Any situation where an admin is asking you a question, you're responsible and are obliged to be as honest as possible about the situation and answer you give to the admin. Any misleading or obvious lying will lead to a serious punishment.

Harassing another player OOCly
This rule is taken extremely serious. Any given situation of OOC abuse would be the act of being overly vulgar, racist, being excessively abusive with the intents of causing harm or bullying another player is NOT Allowed What so ever.

Extreme Roleplay
Extreme roleplay is allowed in certain cases, depending on what it is. Any sex-related roleplay is NOT allowed at all, no exceptions are made for this.

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