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Vehicles range from anything to an adder to a karin rebel obtaining a vehicle is all about cash you can go about registering your vehicle and doing it all legal, Or Keeping it unregistered and living on the edge the choice is up to you
Vehicle Licenses: To get your licence you must pass the test, The test will cost $100 dollars and if you pass it will cost $1000 for standard vehicle licence and $2000 dollars for Motorcycle licence, To get your licence you must drive with an LEO or a driving instructor and they will determine if you are fit to drive in the city of Los Santos.


(Dinka Blista) Hyundai i30 $8000
(Karin Dilettante) Toyota Prius $7000
(Weeny Issi) Mini Cooper $9000
(Bollokan Prairie) Hyundai Tibruon $10000


(Enus Cognoscenti) Bentley Continental GT $75000
(Dewbauchee Exemplar) Aston Martin Rapid $100000
(Ocelot F620) Maserati Gran Turismo $105000
(Lampadati Felon) Jaguar XF $60000
(Lampadati Felon GT) Jaguar XF $65000
(Ubermacht Oracle) BMW 7 Series $50000
(Ubermacht Oracle type 2) BMW 8 Series $60000
(Ubermacht Sentiel) BMW M3 $75000
(Ubermacht Sentiel XS) BMW M3 GTR $85000
(Ubermacht Zion) BMW M6 $90000
(Ubermacht Zion Cabrio) BMW M6 $95000

(Dinka Akuma) Ducati Monster $20000
(Western Bagger) Harley Davidson fatboy $25000
(Pegassi Bati 801) Ducati 848 $90000
(Pegassi Bati 801 RR) Ducati 1199 $100000
(Western Daemon) Harley Davidson FX series $30000
(Pegassi Faggio) Vespa $2000
(LCC Hexer) West Cost Choppers Series $45000
(Maibatsu Sanchez) Yamaha Series $15000
(Dinka Thrust) Honda CTX1300 $40000

(Albany Buccaneer) Buick Riviera $20000
(Vapid Dominator) Shelby Cobra $25000
(Bravado Gauntlet) Dodge Challenger $20000
(Imponte Phoenix) Pontiac Trans Am $15000
(Cheval Picador) Chevy El Camino $10000
(Imponte Ruiner) Chevy Camaro Z28 $25000
(Declasse Sabre Turbo) Chevy Chevelle SS $25000
(Declasse Vigero) Plymouth Barracuda $15000
(Declasse Voodoo) Chevy Impala $5000

Off Road
(BF-Bifta) Meyers Manx $15000
(Nagasaki Blazer) Yamaha YFZ450 $5000
(Canis Bodhi) Kaiser M715 $8000
(BF-Dune Buggy) Sandrail $4000
(Bravado Duneloader) Dodge WM300 P-Wagon $10000
(BF-Injection) VW Baja Buggy $4000
(Canis Kalahari) Citroen Mehari $10000
(Canis Mesa Type 3) Jeep Rangler JK Unlimted $20000
(Declasse Rancher XL) Ford Bronco $20000
(Karin Rebel) Toyota Tocoma $2000
(Vapid Sandking SWB) Ford King Ranch $25000
(Vapid Sandking XL) Ford King Ranch SD $25000

(Delcasse Asea) Chevy Aveo $10000
(Karin Asterope) Lexis IS Series $15000
(Albany Emperor) Cadillac Fleetwood $12000
(Cheval Fugitive) Chevy Cobalt $15000
(Vulcar Ingot) Audi A6 Avant $10000
(Karin Intruder) Infinity Q45 $20000
(Declasse Premier) Ford Focus RS $20000
(Albany Primo) Cadillac Allante $20000
(Dundreary Regina) Chevy Caprice Wagon $10000
(Benefactor Schafter) Mercedes Benz CL350 $40000
(Vapid Stainer) Ford Crown Victoria $20000
(Zirconium Stratum) Honda Accord Wagon $15000
(Enus Super Diamond) Rolls Royce Phantom $250000
(Cheval Surge) Chevy Volt $15000
(Obey Tailgater) Audi A7 $30000
(Albany Washington) Lincoln Town Car $15000

(Obey 9F) Audi R8, $120000
(Obey 9F Cabrio) Audi R8, $125000
(Albany Alpha) Cadillac ATS $200000
(Bravado Banshee) Dodge Viper $120000
(Bravado Buffalo Super B) Dodge Charger $50000
(Bravado Buffalo SRT8) Dodge Charger $25000 
(Grotti Carbonizzare) Ferrari California $250000
(Pfister Comet) Porsche 911 $100000
(Invetero Coquette) Corvette C7 $60000
(Annis Elegy RH8) Nissan GTR $125000
(Benefactor Feltzer) Mercedes Benz SL Racer $200000
(Schyster Fusilade) Chrysler Crossfire $300000
(Karin Futo) Toyota AE86 $20000
(Dinka Jester) Acura NSX $300000
(Dewbauchee Massacro) Aston Martin V12 $250000
(Maibatsu Penumbra) Mitsubishi Eclipse $20000
(Dewbauchee Rapid GT) Aston Martin Vantage $150000
(Benefactor Schwartzer) Mercedes Benz SL $70000
(Karin Sultan) Subaru Impeza $75000
(Benefactor Surano) Jaguar F Type $60000 

Sport Classics
(Albany Manana) Cadillac Eldorado $15000
(Pagassi Monroe) Lamborghini Miura $200000
(Vapid Peyote) Ford Thunderbird $25000
(Albany Roosevelt) Cadillac 341A $90000
(Grotti Stinger) Ferrari Dino 206 $150000
(Grotti Stinger) Ferrari Dino 206 GT $200000
(Declasse Tornado) Chevy Bel air $40000
(Tuffade Z Type) Bugatti Type 57 $400000 

(Tuffade Adder) Bugatti Veyron $500000
(Vapid Bullet) Ford GT $150000
(Grotti Cheetah) Ferrari Enzo $300000
(Overflod Entity XF) Koenigsegg CCX $450000
(Paggassi Infernus) Lamborghini Murcielago $250000
(Grotti Turismo R) McLaren P1 $350000
(Paggassi Vacca) Lamborghini Aventador $250000
(Coil Voltic) Lotus Elise $150000
(Paggassi Zentorno) Lamborghini Elemento $450000 

(Gallivanter Baller) Range Rover $90000
(Gallivanter Baller 2) Ranger Rover Evoque $95000
(Karin BeeJay XL) Toyota FJ Cruiser $50000
(Albany Cavalcade) Cadillac Escalade $40000
(Albany Cavalcade New) Cadillac Escalade New $60000
(Benefactor Dubsta) Mercedes Benz G Class $80000
(Fathom FQ2) Infinity FX $30000
(Declasse Granger) GMC Yukon $30000
(Bravado Gresley) Dodge Durango $30000
(Emperor Habanero) Lexus RX $20000
(Enus Huntley S) Bentley Falcon $120000
(Dundreary Landstalker) Ford Expedition $30000
(Mammoth Patriot) Hummer H2 $40000
(Vappid Radius) Ford Edge $20000
(Obey Rocoto) Porsche Cayenne $90000
(Canis Seminole) Jeep Cherokee $20000
(Bennefactor Serrano) Mercedes M Class $80000    

(Vapid Sadler) Ford F250 Super Duty $45000
(Bravado Bison) Dodge Ram $40000
(Vapid Bobcat XL) Chevy Sliverado $20000
(Vapid Minivan) Dodge Caravan $10000
(Bravado Rumpo) GM Van $15000

Extra Information 

Use Mule for delivery job,
Use Any bus for bus driver,

Note: You must have enough in game cash to buy the vehicle you want and also have enough Roleplay money to buy the vehicle you want

Only mods allowed are custom paint jobs, Rims, NO Bullet proof tires, and no engine upgrades!

If you damage your car you must call a mechanic in game to find fix it and pay the cost of if someone hits you you must have them pay for it and call the police to make a claim.

Notice if you get your vehicle is impounded more then THREE Times it will be DESTROYED, Or Auction offed.


-Chrome Paint $10'000
-Classic Paint $1'000
-Crew Paint $2'000
-Matte Paint $3'000
-Metallic Paint $5'000
-Metallic Paint $1'000

-High End $6'000
-Lowrider $2'000
-Muscle $2'000
-Offroad $1'000
-Sport $4'000
-SUV $2'000
-Tuner $1'000

Window Tint
-Light Tint $1'000
-Dark Smoke $2'000
-Limo $4'000

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