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Legal Weapons
Materials to make the weapon ( # )
(Pistol) M9 $3000 ( 20 )
 (Combat Pistol) USP.45 $4500 ( 25 )
(SNS Pistol) Markov $2500 ( 15 )
(Heavy Pistol) M1911 $6000 ( 50 )

Sub'Machine Guns
(SMG) MP5 $7000 ( 65 )
(Assult SMG) Famas $9000 ( 100 )

Assault Rifles
(Carbine Rifle) M416 $12000 ( 150 )
(Advanced Rifle) TAR-21 $14000 ( 175 )
(Special Carbine) G36C $16000 ( 200 )
(Bullpup Rifle) AUG $20000 ( 250 )

(Pump Shotgun) 870 MCS $4000 ( 40 )

Illegal Weapons
Note any gun can be illegal that is a legal weapon if unregistered.
Price varies on arms dealer, Price cannot be less then $2000, And You must contact an admin about getting guns you cannot just spawn weapons yourself and profit. 

(Pistol) M9
(Combat Pistol) USP.45
(SNS Pistol) Markov
(Heavy Pistol) M1911

Sub'Machine Guns
(Micro SMG) Uzi ( 60 )
(SMG) MP5 
(Gusenberg Sweeper) Thompson M1A1 ( 75 )
(Assault SMG) Famas

Assault Rifles
(Assault Rifle) AK-47 ( 150 )
(Carbine Rifle) M416
(Advanced Rifle) TAR-21
(Special Carbine) G36C
(Bullpup Rifle) AUG

(Pump Shotgun) 870 MCS
(Sawed Off) Mossburg 500 ( 60 )

Banned Weapons
AP Pistol
Grenade Launcher
Sticky Bombs
Tear gas ( Only for Police )
Jerry Can
Assault Shotgun ( Only Permitted LEO's During 11-94's )
Combat MG
Heavy Sniper
Sniper Rifle 

Note Snipers are pointless to use and really only used to DM people so will only be used for hostage situations by LEO's

MISC Items
Helmets ( Free with a bike but cant use for illegal activity )
Mask's $2'000 

Drugs: (( Armor ))
Super light armor  ( 20 ) Pot
Light Armor  ( 40 ) Xanax
Standard Armor  ( 50 ) Crystal Meth
Heavy Armor  ( 75 ) Heroin
Super Heavy Armor  ( 100 ) Cocaine 

Resell value is what ever the drug dealer wants
One body armor = 5 Grams/Pills

To obtain a legal weapon in game you must fill out the format in the forums law enforcement section, The requirements are simple no violent crimes and must be 18 years of age, There are three types of licenses 

1:  CCW, Carry and Conceal weapon licence which allows you to carry a handgun on your personal at all times, This Licence will cost $4000

2: Shotgun Certificate, This will allow you to own a shotgun, You are allowed to keep it in your vehicle but may not roam the streets with it, This will cost you $3000


                                                       3: Rifle Permit, This will allow you to own a rifle and

                                                          Keep it in your trunk, You are not permitted to roam                                                              The streets with this and it will cost you $7000

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